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DANTEC Nordics ApS has always been active in the field of consumer goods such as household products, telecommunication products and their accessories. We are a recognised supplier to big B2C customers in Scandinavia, such as mail order companies, department stores or online shops. A strength is our on-time delivery, which is only possible with a proven logistical infrastructure. Among other things, we support our customers in future marketing campaigns or projects. With our network, we can also ensure the availability of products, which is a significant factor for our customers, especially in these times. We shine with high expertise with a clear focus on consumer goods.

Marco Brüning, executive Director, DANTEC Nordics ApS

ESTABLISHED AND SUSTAINABLE CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OPPORTUNITIES. The strength of Dantec Nordics is our long term relationships with all customers in the Scandinavien market


The company was founded in 2018.

With the support of the founding shareholder, the company developed rapidly and achieved a turnover of just € 49 million in the founding year, rising to € 72 million in 2020.
2022 marks a milestone for the company, as the German ER Beteiligungsgesellschaft has come on board as major shareholder and the synergies between the two companies, especially in purchasing and logistics, will ensure the ambitious growth strategy for Dantec Nordics in the future.


Marco Brüning

Marco was one of the founders of the company in 2018. Previously, Marco has held various positions in the sector and has been able to build a large network in Scandinavia over decades. Marco is fluent in Danish and is a sought-after and knowledgeable interlocutor in the region.

Enis Ramadanovski

Managing Director for Strategy, has over 15 years of experience in comparable positions in this industry and has an extensive network. Enis Ramadanovski has been on board as Managing Director since 3.1.2022.

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